Ring Type Joint Gaskets

High Integrity RTJ Gasket Seal

Used primarily in high pressure applications, Ring Type Joint (RTJ) Gaskets are made from a variety of metals to suit the needs of a range of industrial processes. Ring Type Joint Gaskets form a seal between RTJ flanges by deforming under high pressures. Because of this, RTJ Gaskets must be made from material softer than the mating flanges.

Wide Range of RTJ Gaskets for Effective Sealing Solution

Ring Type Joint Gaskets provide a high integrity, high temperature seal and are widely used in the petrochemical, oil and gas industries. RTJ Gaskets have a smooth surface finish to provide an optimal metal-to-metal seal.

Get Ring Type Joint Gaskets According to your Application

Ring Type Joint Gaskets are available in a range of profiles to suit different applications and pressures. RTJ profiles include Octagonal RTJs, Oval RTJs, BX RTJs, RX RTJs and IX RTJs. Different RTJ profiles accommodate different types of flange.
HTX Products supply the following types of Ring Joint Gaskets