HTX Products LLC is an exciting new solution for ring type joints (RTJ), spiral wound gaskets, bonnet seals, cut sheet, flange insulation kit gaskets and hammer unions. We are an owner managed business with extensive industry experience, vast technical knowledge and a deep understanding of the inventory availability and service levels required to meet the highest customer expectations.

About HTX Products LLC

Introduction to HTX Products 

  • Experienced leadership team – the founders have held a wide range of leadership positions; each bring a unique skillset to HTX Products.
  • Unique business model – strategic partnerships with leading manufacturers has created significant competitive advantage on price, quality, lead time and crucially, stock availability to meet customer demand.
  • Solid business plan – no debt or external funding allows HTX Products to focus on growth by exceeding customer expectations without constraints from capital efficiency or short-term objectives. Stock can be viewed as an asset rather than a liability and our aim is to hold the largest inventory of RTJ gaskets in North America coupled with the fastest response times.