Spiral Wound Gaskets

Our Spiral Wound Gasket Range

Spiral Wound Gaskets have a wide range of industrial sealing applications and are suited to extreme pressures (up to 400 bar) and both low and high temperatures (from below -150°C up to ~1000°C). These gaskets are produced from two materials in combination: the first is a metal strip with a ‘V’ cross-sectional shape; the second is a softer filler material—usually graphite or PTFE, depending on customer requirements. The strip and filler materials are wound together in a spiral formation, hence the name “Spiral Wound Gasket”. This type of gasket causes no damage to flange faces and is easily removed when necessary.

Spiral Wound Gaskets for JIS, DIN, ASME & Non-standard Flanges

Spiral Wound Gaskets are available to suit JIS, DIN and ASME standard flanges, and non-standard gaskets can be made to order, according to dimensions provided by the customer.

HTX Products supply the following types of Spiral Wound gaskets