Lens Rings


  • For pipeline/device construction
  • Suitable for flanges DN 10-200 and PN 63-400
  • Low bolt load
  • High-pressure, high-temperature applications
  • High technical tightness
  • Not sensitive to overloading
  • Mechanically stable and Blow-out resistant
  • Used across gas, oil, petrochemical and offshore industries

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More Information

Lens Ring Joint Gaskets

Lens Ring Gaskets are fully metallic sealing elements, used primarily in high pressure applications involving piping systems and pressure vessel heads.

The Lens Ring Gasket has a spherical gasket surface, requiring special machining on the mating flanges. The gasket’s spherical zone connects with the conical flange surface, and is designed so that an increase in force leads to an increase in the sealing surface. Consequently, Lens Gaskets are not sensitive to overloading, as sealing surface pressures do not increase in proportion to force.

As the contact area is small and seating pressures are high, Lens Gaskets fit with a low bolt load.

The Lens Ring Gasket’s sealing surfaces must undergo plastic deformation at the contact point. The Lens Gasket must therefore be built from softer material than that of the mating flange.

Lens Ring Gaskets Applications

Commonly used in valves, vessel joints, and pipework assemblies, Lens Ring Gaskets see wide application across the gas, oil, petrochemical and offshore industries. Lens Gaskets are typically used to seal flanged connections that undergo high temperatures and pressures.

Complete drawings and material specifications must be supplied when ordering Lens Ring Gaskets.