Kammprofile Ring Joint Gaskets


  • Serrated metal core with soft facing material
  • Facing materials include expanded graphite, mica or PTFE
  • Frequently used on heat exchangers
  • Very hard to damage during assembly
  • Provides high-integrity seal at relatively low bolt loads
  • A range of temperatures, pressures, corrosive tolerances, depending on facing material

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More Information

Kammprofile Ring Joint Gaskets are made up of two materials: a hard metal core, machined with concentric grooves on its contact faces; and a soft coating that deforms under pressure to provide a seal.

Under compression, the serration of the metal core produces high-pressure regions on each contact face. This causes the soft coating to flow into any imperfections on the flange surface, delivering an excellent seal even under relatively low bolt loads.

Thanks to this clever combination of hard and soft materials, the Kammprofile Ring Joint Gasket is able to deliver all the benefits of soft cut gaskets, together with the high seal integrity typical of metallic gaskets.

Kammprofile Ring Joint Gaskets are most commonly faced with expanded graphite. However, other coatings are often used depending on the application: mica is an excellent facing material for high-temperature duties, whereas a PTFE coating is suitable when conveying chemically aggressive substances.

Kammprofile Ring Joint Gaskets Applications

Kammprofile Ring Joint Gaskets are widely used in the petrochemical, oil and gas industries thanks to their high-integrity seal. One of the most common applications of Kammprofile Ring Joint Gaskets is in heat exchangers.